Praga & Berlin Real Estate Themess

2019 - UI Design, Front End

While working as a full-time employee in EasyBroker, I was commissioned to design two templates for the platform’s website builder.

The biggest challenges for these designs were that the website builder uses partials shared across all the other templates so I didn’t have a lot of liberty to propose new elements, more than designing with what already exists. Also, I had to design with variable content, and really think about how something will look if is empty or if it has a lot of information.

Praga: The concept for this theme was based on some of the high-end clients that sell luxury properties and wanted a more elegant and clean vibe for their website; I achieve this result by creating a contrast between strong serif fonts and grotesque sans-serifs, a contrast between black and beige colors and a lot of whitespace.

Berlin: Berlin was meant to become the default theme for your website, so we needed a very flexible, easy-to-customize and clean design. For this design, we opted for using huge and bold Circular font titles, remove the lines for almost all dividers and use white-space instead.