Form Kitchens Landing & App

2019 - UX, UI Design in collab with in-house team

The past year I worked as an implant designer in Form Kitchens, we worked on 3 big projects together, define the brand values and visual identity for their first product launch, developing a website to market their product, and building a web app to design and order a kitchen completely online.

The idea behind all this project was to build a raw MVP for everything that we can test with users, start selling and then improve the design with the user's feedback. The CEO was very practical and needed a system that can be applied to a website, user and admin platform in the easiest way possible.

My initial approach for this project was to define a small brand manual with just colors, typography rules and basic design guidelines; then create a full UI system in Figma to be able to design screens very fast, then we worked on building the first prototype of the user platform, a landing page and the admin platform.