Ficosec App

2019 - Design Sprints, UX, UI Design, and User Testing

Last year I was hired by JaxiTank to help them develop a platform for Ficosec. Ficosec is in charge of managing and giving funds in support programs to improve security and social issues in Mexico.

The challenge was to create a platform for a business owner or ONG to apply, and also build an admin for the Ficosec employees to manage all of the stages of a project, and review, accept or decline them.

The team flew to the Ficosec offices in Juarez City to do a 3-day design workshop to define the features that they needed in the product, and clear all the questions and constrains from them. Then I worked developing a prototype using Sketch and Invision for the development team to build, this process user testing with the Ficosec team. The challenge was to build a platform with a lot of features and forms, without losing consistency, easiness to implement and a clean and understandable design.

I created a design system based on material design specs, a strong typography hierarchy and a clean color palette with only a few accent colors.