EasyBroker Native App

2018 - UX, UI Design in collab with in-house team

While working as a product designer our CEO decided to do a complete revamp of the EasyBroker App, the previous version was using a lot of web views to display the mobile version of the web platform but our clients felt the experience not native and also there were a lot of weird bugs.

In this project, my role was to work side by side with the product manager and the lead developer to plan, design and build the front-end components for the app.

We started the project by learning all about iOS and Android best practices, and also discussing the development constrains and easy way to develop the app, given that we were a small team.

We ended creating a component system in Figma, to reuse forms, button groups and option selectors, and then design the whole platform and iterate over these components. The finished design has a very clean look and feel to make the listing images stand out, and make easy to find and navigate across all the options, features and forms.